We Are Reborn!

A caterpillar has been gradually undergoing metamorphosis, and finally the chrysalis has shed its rotten skin! This is evolution, transformation, alchemy. The conversion into the positive from the negative, the white from the black, the creative from the destructive.
         Today in the UK is the Spring Equinox, a time of perfect balance between the day and night. We have successfully survived the blackened nights and darkest days, and we walk towards the brightness on the path of prosperity.
       This is the JUNKIE KUT Rebirth, and you are fertile. Explore, Expand, Evolve!! Let us learn to thrive in perfect harmony with Evil and Goodness. Go forth and grow little earthlings!

Junkie Kut is BACK!

Well, it's been a while. After a long wait, I am very happy to announce that my new 7" record entitled HOLOGRAM will be released on Legs Akimbo Records and is available now for pre-order. The record is an exclusive print of 200 copies and will come supplied in a Full Colour sleeve aswell as a super exclusive copy of the brand new 12 page high quality comic, "Beyond The Hologram". The comic tells the latest story of Junkie Kut's cyberwar in a future dystopian society, and what we can do to stop it! Grab your copy here, dont miss out!

In other news, I have been working on new collaboration tracks with industrial punk act Syd.31 which will feature on his forthcoming digital EP aswell as vocal tracks for underground hardcore producer, DJ Juanma. This will be released on 12"!

Plans are circulating for the 3rd Junkie Kut album, and should have more news regarding that in the coming months. For those of you coming to HARDSHOCK FESTIVAL on the 27th, I have some special, speedcore surprises for you.

Until next time, see you soon motherfuckers ;)

- Junkie Kut